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Most of our clients are from Fairmont in Marion County, Morgantown in Monongalia County, Clarksburg in Harrison County, Kingwood in Preston County, and Grafton in Taylor County but we accept clients from every county in West Virginia.

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After you are arrested for a DUI in West Virginia, the State will aggressively prosecute your case to get a conviction and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will automatically revoke your driver’s license based only on the fact that you were arrested.  You must act fast to protect your rights.  You need a West Virginia DUI Lawyer to request a jury trial within 20 days from your arrest in the criminal case.  You need an experienced West Virginia DUI Lawyer to request a hearing to challenge the DMV revoking your driver’s license.

You need to challenge every aspect of your DUI case including but not limited to the reason you were pulled over, the administration of the Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST), the probable cause to make the arrest, the administration of the breath, blood, or urine test.

Every DUI charge has the possibility of jail time and most have mandatory jail if you are convicted.  A 1st offense DUI has up to 6 month in jail and probation is not an option for any DUI conviction.  Also, your driver’s license could be suspended for up to 6 month or mandatory installation of a Test and Lock device in your car.  You need to take your DUI defense seriously because the Prosecutor’s Office will be working hard to convict you.  You need a West Virginia DUI Lawyer to fight for you.  Call Thomas W. Kroger, Esq. to setup a free consultation to discuss your case.  Call 304-685-4526 now.